“Sanita Bring Back the Light”, Sanita Sal’s new campaign in 2018
In the hope to spread positivity amongst Lebanese citizens and consumers, Sanita launched a new campaign under the title and hashtag #SanitaBringBackTheLight 
"طلّع الضو يلي فيك"

The campaign’s main goal is to send a message for the Lebanese citizens that although we pass through rough days and dark nights we can always shine and bring back the light to our lives

The campaign launched in February 2018 and includes a TVC that is being aired on all Lebanese TV stations, a radio campaign and massive online advertising that is reaching a great number of Lebanese internet users on social media and while surfing their favorite websites

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About Sanita
Sanita, member of INDEVCO group, produces and distributes household, personal, paramedical, feminine and baby care products, as well as away-from-home goods. Established in Halat, Lebanon in 1972, Sanita expanded in the region, serving markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East
Sanita sal, Division Offices
Halat, Jbeil, Lebanon, 
PO Box 11-2354, 
Beirut, Lebanon

Sanita sal, HPC Offices 
Halat, Jbeil, Lebanon, 
PO Box 11-2354, 
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 (9) 47 70 01
Customer Service: +961 (9) 47 74 78
Fax: +961 (9) 47 84 42